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  • Welcome To SHASHA

    We are a team of Agriculture, Information Technology and Management Professionals.

    About Us

    SHASHA aims to provide authentic food products and other essentials with enhanced quality and/or value, for the conscious consumer. We provide information on one or more traceability elements like farmer/source/producer, agronomic/ production practice, supply chain, environmental impact etc. We also consciously try to support farmers, small and local businesses by facilitation and eventually maximize their share of consumer rupee.

    SHASHA relies on technology, innovation, ecosystem and managerial prudence to put scalable, sustainable, inclusive and dynamic business systems in place. Our prime motto is to conserve Earth by reducing wastage, carbon footprint, destruction, consumption etc. and ultimately ‘Spreading Health to All and Spreading Happiness to All’ (SHASHA)

    We are a team with experience in diverse fields ranging from Farming to Information Technology. Our motto is to provide basic essentials like with ‘enhanced value’ and health to customer, whilst being conscious and supportive of farmers & ‘average individual’ in particular and environment in general, to spread health and happiness to all



    ( Sourced from Medchal dt., Telangana )

    Bananas - Yelakki

    ( Sourced from Kannur dt., Kerala )


    ( Sourced from Gajapati dt., Odisha )


    ( Sourced from Vizianagaram dt., Andhra Pradesh )


    Dairy Farm at Medchal dt., Telangana
    Cashew packaging at source
    Mango processing & packing
    Products ready to be shipped


    Grate concept, supplying real fresh product in original form. Wish you the very best.



    Ordered Mangoes @ SHASHA, Really amazing! Keep ordering Mangoes from SHASHA only



    I Ordered milk with SHASHA. Good quality and on time delivery.



    Contact Us

    +91 7842204689


    SHASHA Kingdom Private Limited, D No. 50-117-20, Flat 402, Seethammadhara North Extension, VISAKHAPATNAM- 530013, Andhra Pradesh, India.